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Running Form

During the 2019 Miles to Water campaign, I ran like crazy. I probably ran too much, or overran. Beginning in January, my knees ached. It was so bad I forced myself to stop running for 6 weeks straight so I could heal properly. During that break, I watched videos and read books on proper running form. I never believed in such a thing- just go out and run!! Now I do. There is a proper way to run. I had to relearn all the bad habits I made in the first 30 years living. Below are the most useful videos

The most comprehensive how-to:


How the best run:


More gait analysis (I actually think this Coach Sage has the best running advice channel of all the channels I found)

His channel:

a nice example of his videos

Coach Sage's Girlfriend/business partner's channel is quite good for running tips as well:

her channel:

a nice example of her videos


More Running form uphill


And running downhill:


a fun downhill video, though i disagree with the one advice about taking long strides- seems like a recipe for injury. Maybe that is advanced downhill running.

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