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Meet the Runners!

Updated: Jul 30, 2018


Inspired by the Nguyen Clan Spartan Sprint event and George's "Pay the Price" blog post, Seattle resident Emile decided that it was time to step up his physical fitness game. Setting aside his daily regime of bench-pressing 300 pounds for 20 reps at a time, Emile is making sure cardio exercise is a consistent staple of his lifestyle. Using the beautiful pacific northwest as a backdrop for his trail runs, Emile hopes not only to raise money for a good cause, but also to create a platform for all six runners to reflect on their own experiences in physical fitness and discipline. Stay tuned for some great EWB pod material!


Jeff is a man of many talents in his life in Pasadena, including quality movie reviews on the EWB podcast, fighting in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments, and mixing together different concoctions to create the best hot sauce ever.

However Jeff's goals of being the world's most famous movie critic/chef/action star cannot be achieved without 2 miles of cardio per day for 6 months. When Jeff Liu becomes a world-wide media mogul, he will have the EWB 2019 Miles to Water Project to thank!


After leaving the bustling lifestyle of New York city and moving to New Orleans, Javier has realized that a lifestyle of consistent fitness is not so easy in the Big Easy. Staying committed to doing anything that requires physical activity outdoors is difficult, especially given the high humid temperatures and the risk of getting eaten by crocodiles. Nevertheless, Javier "Pretty Boy" promises to up his run game and contribute his efforts to the 2019 Miles to Water project. Look out for some glamorous post-run selfies!


Deemed "Masta Jin" for his uncanny ability to master everything, Michael once ran a half marathon and a full marathon in back to back days, and then proceeded to stand in the obnoxiously long lines of Disneyland without complaining once.

This challenge pales in comparison to the running programs he has experienced before. Nevertheless the Master has decided to assist the rest of the band of misfit athletes in achieving their goals!


One of the true inspirations for the program, George's world-famous blog post "Pay the Price" challenged the EWB family to commit to something to make ourselves better. George balances his high-paced Bay Area lifestyle between binge-watching episodes of the Maury Povich show, reading fascinating Reddit reads, refining his sleight of hand, and reliving his glory days of being a world-ranked Starcraft celebrity. He looks forward to adding a consistent running regiment to his lifestyle, as well as developing additional fodder for future blog posts!


Before Zach Snyder ruined the DC cinematic universe, he was inspired by one man with a God-like chiseled frame to make a film about 300 jacked warriors. That man was none other than Tan. A bookworm at heart, he and his wife run The Busy Reader website. However, he harbors a desire darker than any Christopher Nolan Batman movie- completing a Spartan Beast Race. But before he can do that, he must discipline himself and run a couple of miles for the EWB 2019 Miles to Water project.

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